Product Illustration

Meet Calibration, better know as "Cali" the female member from the characters of the children's book series the Super Sprockets.

Book Illustration

This samurai warrior is a character from the book on the history of Japan. Every image in the book tales a story from a historical point.

Wall Magnet Artwork

Imagine your child's bedroom with this hero from the WWII mounted on the wall. A piece of art work to remind your child of world history.

Connoisseur Grooming Squad

This client requested a design that would help sell their new line of products for men's beards. I have added
the chosen brand design and well as one of the rejected brand designs.

Original Design Art

This is the level of branding you can expect from Jones Graphix. The original brand logo design with minor changes. There are several other color designs based from this image.  

Final Design Look

Once an art design is excepted by the client then phase two of the production stage is implemented. The final design from computer to finalization.

Second Choice Design

This design was one of many ideas created for the client. After the client made their choice the other designs are saved in the Jones Graphix vault.

Check Out Our Jones Graphix Gallery...

This is the link to view our gallery artwork for some of our clients. We have multiple products created for different areas of product design. Jones Graphix's clients are anyone with an idea that needs a visual.

The Forgotten American Heroes From WWII

This project was created with love and care for the forgotten American heroes we call the Tuskegee Airmen or Red tails from World War II. Three creative individuals joined together with one common goal in mind.

High Flyin' is an activity coloring book with a host of puzzles, games and spelling pages.  This project was introduced at the time of the George Lucas movie "Redtails" as a learning tool used to inspire young children.

The book sold thousands of copies around the country from 2012 until the present and counting. There were posters and other design elements which mirror the artwork from the High Flyin' Book.

If you have a children's book in mind please contact Jones Graphix and let us work together to make your dream come to life.


High Flyin' Cover Book


Timeline Tykes Product Designs

Timeline Tykes is the company which provides artwork, design and visuals to any room in your home. Search their products for wall magnets, posters and calendars to decorate your living space.


Timeline Read Time

Timeline Tykes is the perfect vehicle for young children to learn about world history. Let Timeline Tykes books be the entertainment and the educational event for the little ones.

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Timeline Tykes Shirts

Take a look at our Timeline Tykes shirt for your favorite world history hero or heroine from our vast design selection.

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Timeline Bedroom

There are several themes to choose from or you can decorate your child's bedroom with a mixture of each historical character that we provide in our collection. All wall magnets come in different shapes and sizes. Enjoy yourself while creating a masterpiece for your child.

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