About Us


Troy Jones Approach

Jones Graphix is the brain child of Troy Jones, a graphic illustrator living in the Atlanta area with years of experience in the field of art and design. Our method is quit simple to understand if you have the skill set. We start with a pen or pencil sketch or in the computer with Manga Studio. We present our sketch ideas to our clients before we add color to any design project. Jones Graphix realize this is a  method from the past but it works for our clients.


Illustration To Computer Phase

Troy Jones creates all of the sketches, illustrations, designs, production art and computer work. A one man machine
that wears many hats for Jones Graphix organization. Please view the book cover to see how the final illustration looks.


Initiate, Illustrate, Create

Every good idea is initiated by brainstorming while adding a pen or pencil to bring those  illustration ideas to life. Think about your design by writing down those ideas then  imagine those ideas drawn to be finalize in the computer. Initiate, illustrate then create using the computer as the muscle.


A Matter Of Color

Color is another reason to choose Jones Graphix for your next design or illustration project. Troy Jones of Jones Graphix
has three years working as a color specialist in Dallas, Texas. Allow us to bring your make the adjustment to your designs.


Troy Jones

Founder & CEO

Jones Graphix is the brain child of Troy Jones which was started while he was in Dallas, Texas in 2001.


Troy Jones

Art  Director

Mr. Jones has years of experience as an art director for two design firms. Primarily these are high-end catalog companies.


Troy Jones

Graphic Illustrator

Troy has over ten years as a graphic designer/illustrator working in Atlanta, Dallas and Indianapolis..